Practice Areas

Commercial and Complex Litigation

Unfortunately, litigation is a reality of business life in the United States today. For many commercial entities, the question is no longer if the business will be involved in a lawsuit, but is instead a question of when and how often. Recognizing these facts, our business litigation attorneys are committed to not only aggressively and expertly handling litigation as it occurs, but also providing insight into avoiding future litigation.

Nicoll Black & Feig represents clients in a wide-ranging variety of civil litigation matters. Our practice ranges from disputes involving Internet advertising to seeking compensation for the sale of faulty goods. Our clients are businesses of all sizes and business persons from all backgrounds.

We approach litigation from a business perspective. With that mindset, a cost-benefit analysis is always important. Also important, however, is recognizing that a cost-benefit analysis must often consider factors beyond dollars and cents. We take the time to be certain that we know what our clients’ goals are.

We also recognize that lawsuits have become increasingly more complex. Nicoll Black & Feig prides itself on its substantial experience with defending complex, multi-party, and multi-venue actions. That experience includes class action litigation, environmental claims, insurance-coverage litigation, construction litigation, litigation involving engineering, scientific, and other highly technical claims and issues, and high-profile lawsuits that generate press coverage and require sensitivity to public relations.

The principle goal of our litigation department is to act for our clients in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Our attorneys have strong academic and professional credentials, as well as extensive trial experience.